Become part of our Au Pair sisterhood!

Forming life long bonds

They travel, they meet new people, and they make friends of different nationalities along the way. But somehow, our CAP Au Pairs always find their way back to each other! Some of them meet at our training and orientation days. Some meet during their flight to New York City. Others make plans to meet up with fellow Au Pairs in cities like Paris or Amsterdam. They support each other and form a lifelong bond.

Carla’s Au Pairs have a strong Sisterhood bond and we are blessed to only have the best Sisters!
Please join our CAP Sisterhood, we would love to welcome you.

Airport visits from the team

CAP Sisterhood

What does Sisterhood mean to you? For us it means seeing you learn and grow, sharing your departure excitement and so much more! Check out the video below and discover our Sisterhood!
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