Five Packing Essentials For The Chronic-Over packer:


The Au Pair Edition




If you are anything like us, you might suffer from a disease called “chronic overpacking.”


Welcome to the support group – we are here for you! 😉


In this post, you will learn useful tips to pack for your adventure abroad


Excited much?


Tip #1:

Ditch the fancy clothes and High Heels:


Don’t overpack on clothes, because you will probably end up buying lots of new clothes during your year as an Au Pair. 


It’s also important to bring older clothes because for at least part of your day you’ll be with kids and whether it’s feeding an infant, painting with a pre-schooler or playing soccer with preteens, it’s nice to have clothes you don’t care about. 


You can also check with your host family to see if there is anything they keep for Au Pairs. Often, families in cold areas will have a few extra coats they keep for their Au Pairs, and that can spare you a lot of luggage room.


Tip #2:

Don’t overpack on Toiletries:



There is an exception, though:


If there is a certain product that you love and are unsure if it’s sold in the country you’re moving to, pack it, girl!


Part of the fun is going shopping in a BRAND-NEW country. 


Straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers should be left at home. They’re heavy & bulky, take up a lot of room, and have different electrical plugs and voltage. You can buy them abroad!


Tip #3:

Bring Some of your Electronics:



If you have a laptop, kindle or tablet consider packing it! Don’t bring ALL your electronics, though! 


Often the family does have a computer you can use, but it is nice to chat with your friends and family in your bedroom or not have to worry about who’s turn it is next to use the computer. 


Consider researching their charging devices, so you can purchase them abroad.


Tip #4:

Capture the Memory with a Photo:



YES! Homesickness is REAL. 


Make copies of a few of your favourite photos of friends, family and animals and tag them along. 


You can put them up in your room, so you can look at them when you wake up & go to sleep! 


These are light and easy to tug in your laptop bag!


Tip #5: 

The best Gifts come from the Heart: 



It is always a great idea to buy gifts for your host family. They will appreciate the gesture. 


However, keep in mind that you have limited space in your suitcase, so keep it light and simple. 


You can bring the kiddies a souvenir from your hometown. 


It’s also nice to bring along some recipes that you can share with the family, and perhaps they can teach you how to make some of their favourite dishes as well.


That’s it – for now!


The most important to take with is an open mind, a smile and lots of patience and excitement! 


Enjoy your Au Pair year abroad!




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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

August 5, 2022

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