Is Au Pairing A Job?

Busting The Myths


Many people consider Au Pairing abroad a proper job.

While we agree to some extent, you must also keep in mind that it’s MUCH more than just an ordinary job.


You will have the rare opportunity to explore a country your friends can only dream about.


You can also truly immerse yourself in their culture, travel and explore!!


Just think of the interesting people you’ll meet along the way!


You will be treated as an equal member of the family.


Did you know that is exactly what the word ‘’Au Pair’’ means?


On par’ or equal!



Of course, you will receive a monthly / weekly stipend, but the main goal of the program is…


(drum roll, please)


Cultural Exchange!!


Of course, being an Au Pair is not always fun and games.


It’s dealing with tantrums, cultural differences, language barriers, and cleaning, but it’s also experiencing being home away from home, gaining a second family, travelling, making lifelong friends and becoming more independent.


Super Au Pair Anelisa dived right into the scary unknown and decided to become an Au Pair in the USA.

She really enjoyed every moment of it!


Below is a short clip of Anelisa teaching her host kiddies words in her home language, Xhosa.



THIS is the purpose of cultural exchange.


This is what being an Au Pair is all about!


Do you want to know more about our Au Pair programs?


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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

June 10, 2022

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