TOP Five Reasons To Become An Au Pair Abroad in 2022:


After two years of being locked down, it’s time to take back your wanderlust!




CAP is here to help you.


Here are FIVE reasons why you should become an Au Pair abroad:


1. Self-Improvement:



Being an Au Pair is a massive responsibility.


During your Au Pair year, you will experience highs and lows, doing all kinds of things for the very first time, such as driving in a foreign country.


These experiences will help you grow and give you more confidence!


You can even discover talents that you never knew you had!


2. All-Inclusive:


Yep – you get everything during your stay abroad.


Free boarding, food and more! What better way to immerse yourself in another country than by living there for a year (or two)!?


3. New amigos from all over the world:


During your time as an Au Pair, you will meet a lot of adventurers just like you!


You will be making friends with people from all around the world!


After your Au Pair year is finished, you can even visit them in their home country!


That means more travelling and exploring!


4. A home away from home:



There will be lots of tears when the time comes to say your goodbyes!


Your host family will have a special place in your heart as you become a part of the family.


Being an Au Pair doesn’t just stop when the Au Pair stay is finished.


Your family can come to visit you in South Africa, or you can visit them again!


5. An Unforgettable Experience:



As an Au Pair, you will experience a different culture, meet new people, speak a foreign language, take care of children, and handle very important responsibilities.


You will have so many stories to tell your friends and family when you return.


The Au Pair experience will remain with you forever and always.


Are you ready to start your new adventure? 


Click on this link to save on your application fees!



*until 11 February 2022





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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

January 14, 2022

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