Not Sure How To Set Your Au Pair Year Goals?


This Guide Will Help You Kick Some Butt!



You may wonder why you have to set goals for your Au Pair year?

We’ll we’re here to tell you that the Au Pair journey is a wild ride!


Yes, it may be daunting at first, but boy, it’s so rewarding!


From the application process, visa appointment and everything in between, this is a JOURNEY!!


Your journey requires equal parts enthusiasm and dedication to see it through.


Setting goals for your Au Pair year will help you to focus on the reasons why you are doing this in the first place.



PRO TIP: Invest in a journal or scrapbook to document your goals and to monitor your progress.


Let’s jump right into question prompts to help you set your Au Pair Year Goals:



1. What are your push and pull factors for wanting to participate in this Au Pair



2. What does a supportive and welcoming community look like to you? How do you intend on cultivating this for yourself?



3. Before you set off on your new adventure think about some personal traits and/or tangible things you want to leave behind.



4. What are your core values and beliefs that you will not compromise on?


5. Compile an Au Pair Year Bucket List:


This can include a list of places you like to visit, new food you would like to try, communities of like-minded people you would like to meet
and so on.




6. What are some perspectives you would like to gain more insight into and why would your chosen host family and country be the best reference points to do so?



7. Note to future self:


On your first day in your new home write a paragraph about or to yourself as if it is your last day there.

You can track your growth throughout your au pair journey and at the end of your stay, you can reflect on whether or not you have become the version of yourself you had imagined on your first day there.




8. Outline how you think your year as an Au Pair will contribute to your career



Take some serious time out of your day to

jot down the answers to these questions.


Revisit your Au Pair Year Goal list often to remind yourself where your roots are planted and also, why you are branching out.


Now, go out and KICK. SOME. BUTT!




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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

November 10, 2021

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