The Top 5 Questions Every Devoted Au Pair Asks:


So, you wanna become an Au Pair Abroad?


So many questions, so many answers!




At CAP, we strive to prepare you for this incredible journey!


Grab yourself a cup of coffee and find out what the top 5 questions are:



1.) How long does the process take?


Oh, how we sometimes wish we had a crystal ball.


Even though we will do anything in our power to ensure that you match with a family as soon as possible, it is impossible to give an exact timeline as it depends on so many factors. As our Au Pairs go through a strict screening procedure, our mission is to place each applicant.


For us, it is quality over quantity!


We are here for you every step of the way. When your spirits are low, we will keep them high.


So whether you are waiting for one month, six months or even one year to match with your perfect family, we will be ready to celebrate with you when you finally match with your perfect host family!




2.) Can we trust the agency?



                              We can write a book about the number of times someone who hasn’t done their homework, accused us of human trafficking. Please rest assured that we are actually awesome, and we want to see you succeed abroadAS AN AU PAIR!


   Here are a few tips to check whether an Au Pair agency is legit:


Are they registered with IAPA (The International Au Pair Association)?

IAPA ensure that their member organisations meet strict business and ethical standards, agreeing to abide by the IAPA code of conduct, signifying competence, fair dealing, and high integrity.



Look at the company’s reviews: 

Do they have reviews on their Facebook and Google pages?

If so, what do the clients have to say about the service and the process?  



Reach out to clients/current or previous Au Pairs: 

Our Facebook and Instagram Page is a place where you can get inspired AND make friends.

Reach out to the Au Pairs that we feature on our Pages – they are awesome and will tell you all about their journey and us!

The best part? They know exactly what you are going through because they’ve been there.





3.) What childcare experience do we need? How much childcare experience do we need?


The more, the merrier!


Whether you have worked as a childminder in a restaurant, Au Paired for a family

in South Africa / Namibia or abroad, have a teaching degree, 

worked a pre-school (the list goes on and on), we want to know about it!


You will need extensive Au Pair experience to become an Au Pair in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.     




If you have 200 hours of infant care hours, you are “Infant Care Qualified.”


Your profile will be a whole lot stronger – especially for America.


For more information, watch our FREE, ONLINE INFO SESSION:





4.) What are the agency costs?



We have many different destinations that we currently place Au Pairs in. They all have different agency fees.

Email us to find out more about the destinations and their fees.





5.) Must I have a driver’s license and a passport?


A passport is a MUST!


A driver’s license is compulsory for the USA, Belgium and Germany!
Your application will be MUCH stronger if you have a driver’s license.





There you go!


These are the top FIVE questions every devoted Au Pair asks!



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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

October 21, 2021

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