Warning: Au Pairing Is Not For Everyone

(And That’s Okay


Have you ever thought Au Pairing is just about travelling, making new friends and earning money?

Well, you’re absolutely right…


But did you know there is MUCH, MUCH more to Au Pairing than just that?


We want to tell you about Au Pair Nomvula, who impressed us time and time again.


This girl matched with a family who lived on a farm in the USA.

Many people discouraged this decision because how on earth will

she travel, make new friends and ummm… just get out and explore?


These things did not matter to Nomvula.

She truly wanted to immerse herself in the American culture and

learn more about children.



                      She wanted to be part of a host family.


Soon she was on a plane to the USA.

On her way to meet her new host family.

When she arrived on the farm, Nomvula was pretty surprised to

see how modern the house was.


She did everything with the family as they accepted her as a big sister.

She did everything with her host children.




                                                     Soon a strong bond formed between all of them.


They even had chickens that gave them fresh organic eggs every day, and they had a seasonal garden with organic produce.


How cool is this?





The family trusted Nomvula so much that they gave her a car to get around.

She would often drive to nearby cities to do shopping,

visit museums and meeting up with fellow Au Pair friends!

When the time came to say goodbye, Nomvula (and the family) was sad to see her go.




Now, why was Nomvula’s Au Pair journey a success, despite her unique circumstances?


1.) Her expectations were in check:

She knew that being an Au Pair was going to be hard work.

Yes, Au Pairing is about travelling and making friends, but it is also about building lasting relationships with the host family and being part of someone’s childhood.


2.) She became an Au Pair for the right reasons:

Nomvula loves children. She worked hard to build relationships with her host children. They were her number one priority, and the rest of the fun stuff followed.


3.) She was open-minded:

Nomvula had an open mind and an open heart. She knew that she needed to give up on ideas that she had about Au Pairing. So, she did it.


Are you able to give up on ideas that you have about Au Pairing?

Are you open-minded and adaptable?


Watch our FREE info session about Au Pairing in your own time and see if this adventure is the right fit for you!



  1. Muhuura Rejoice

    Awesome Blog! Can’t wait to start my own journey!

    • admin

      Yayyy! We will send you more information shortly!

  2. Keziah Darko

    I also can’t wait to start mine

  3. Kennis

    Yay!!! I’m super excited and I’m so looking forward to starting this journey !!

  4. Nadia

    Such a great blog post!
    I’m so happy to see that au pairs are setting the right expectations!!
    Well done Nomvula!

    This is what au pairing is all about! Being apart of a family and being happy! All the things will fall into place 🦋

  5. Kekeletso

    Am really excited to start my own journey


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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

October 14, 2021

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