Training and orientation sessions for Carla’s Au Pairs are held all over South Africa and Namibia on various dates throughout the year. This is mandatory to attend if you are applying for positions in the USA, but those interested in positions in other countries are also welcome to join. It is an opportunity to make new friends, learn more about the American lifestyle, get to know yourself and, most important, to prepare yourself for life abroad.

About training/orientation

Our training/orientation sessions are more than just an education. These sessions will prepare you for life abroad, help you communicate more effectively and help you understand yourself better. This will prepare you tremendously for your year abroad. Our trainers are very professional and will not just read through the material with you – there will be games and we will help you understand the material in a practical way.Our orientation days are also a lot of fun! You will laugh until your stomach hurts at times. You will get to know our team and your fellow Au Pairs on a whole new level. You may walk into the training room alone, but you will step out with a whole group of brand new friends.

Who can join us?
Only signed up CAP Au Pairs and Au Pairs who plan to sign up with our agency.

Is it compulsory?
It is compulsory for all USA applicants, but Au Pairs going to other destinations are also welcome to join.

Why do I need to attend the orientation?
The main goal for this orientation is to prepare you for life abroad (adjusting, dealing with problems that may arise etc)

When is the sessions?
Keep an eye on our Page for upcoming training/orientation dates.

What can you expect at our training sessions?

Our training sessions are more than just an orientation talk. You will spend a full day getting to know our team, meeting other like-minded Au Pairs & learning important skills about how to cope with issues when living abroad as an Au Pair. We make sure you are well prepared before you embark on this journey and that you have the right expectations of the program and beyond.

You will make close connections on at these training events and you will feel safe & supported. Our training sessions are fun & informative and exclusive to our agency.Your safety and wellbeing is our top priority. You will definitely have a double support system when choosing CAP as your agency!

Training/orientation feedback video’s

General Info

Contact us for information about upcoming sessions nearest to you.
Costs: R500 per Au Pair which includes the full day of training, training materials, snacks & refreshments

If you are interested to sign up with Carla’s Au Pairs, do not hesitate to contact us for more info!

Head Office

Email: info@carlasaupairs.co.za
Cell/Whatsapp: +27 (0)84 587 7607

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