in Thailand

About Thailand

  • Night Markets at 3AM in the morning – shop till you 8. drop! It’s too cheap to mention!
  • Salary in Thailand is set to a basic of about R10 000 – R20 000pm or (25 000 – 45 000 Thai Baht) – BUT with extra classes we have clients earning well over R25 000pm (and only need R4000 +- to live) We also have holiday work during school holidays at English camps!
  • Dependants can come along, many schools offer English programs for your children to do their subjects in English Stay as long as you want.
  • Change your life – we have had couples getting engaged in Thailand, little 3yr olds speaking fluent Thai after 3 months at school, Granddad’s have the time of their live Age limit – We have placed applicants 68+ yr old and they are just loving it!


  • Age 18 – 55 can apply.
  • RSA, USA, AUS, CAN, UK passport holders only.
  • RSA, USA, AUS, CAN, UK passport holders only.
  • Good command of English – Positive attitude.
  • Police Clearance IMPORTANT APPLY FOR IT NOW!
  • Valid passport – Apply now if you do not already have one.
  • Laptop is required so take one with or buy one on arrival (Tablet/Ipad is not sufficient).
  • If you have a Degree – Get it legalized now.

Program benefits

  • Starting salary approximately $1,400 for full time contracts (Some schools might require a probationary period in which the work is part time but with a minimum of USD 800 for that period and then increasing to 1,400 to 1,700 with a full time one year contract after the person passes probation. Probationary periods are typically two months long).
  • Visa and Work Permit costs will be reimbursed when the teacher arrives in Vietnam/Cambodia but might be deducted from their final pay check if the teacher leaves before the end of the contract.
  • End-of-contract bonus for many schools equal to anywhere from USD 500 flat amount or one month’s salary, depending on the school.
  • Contract renewal bonus. This is available for some but not all schools.
  • Access to health insurance. Health care is provided to all full time teachers.
  • 20 vacation days plus all public holidays.
  • Free Vietnamese language courses.

The process

  • Please email us for an extensive info brochure that explains the costs involved step by step.
  • Submit your CV + recent semi-formal photo and ap- plication form – all can be done via email.
  • Pay the applicable application fee when invoiced.
  • Wait 2-3 days for acceptance / approval.
  • Request departure dates – we have monthly depar- tures with courses starting on specific dates.
  • Once approved – book your flight with us.
  • Make sure passports and police clearances are ready.
  • We assist you to book the flight Payment of program fee and visa service fees.
  • We assist with the visa.
  • Once visa is approved, receive the final debriefing.
  • Pack and off you go!

On arrival in Thailand

  • Look for the driver at the airport.
  • Taken to Hotel – use your spending money to pay for your stay at the hotel this is not included. 1200baht per room per night.
  • We currently use two apartment style accommodations in Hua Hin and two group homes. We will allocate teachers in either the group homes or the apartments based on availability and will always try to find the lowest cost and best convenience for our participants. All are very nice and have WIFI, air-con and are very convenient to the school and head office.
  • Meet and greet the next morning with our team in Thailand and the rest of the group.
  • Travel to the training facility – book into your new accommodation.
  • An accommodation deposit of 5000baht per person is payable when you book in – this is refunded when you book out (electric usage will be deducted which is a minimal amount).
  • Remember to do your date change on the flight.
  • Then a fantastic visa run – ‘visa exit agencies will assist” – take a weekend to see Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and more…. For those not eligible for a work permit (non-degree holders) – visa runs will be 3-4 per year. Non-B visas and work permit assistance offered in Thailand to those eligible.
  • Interviews and placement with schools.
  • Start teaching – OH and print pre-checked lesson plans from our Teacher Portal!

Are you ready to take up
this new chapter in your life?

Then what are you waiting for? Contact us for the experience of a lifetime!

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