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As an Au Pair you will take part in the everyday life of a Swedish family. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture and to broaden your horizons. Sweden also has incredible natural beauty to offer: Pine forests, lakes, fjords, mountains and a magnificent coastline. Come & discover this beautiful country with its rich history & culture!

What is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair is a ‘big sister’ who lives in Sweden as an extended member of their Host Family.
These young women provide child care services in exchange for room, board, a weekly stipend, and contributions towards a language course.

Most Au Pairs participate in the Au Pair Program for the valuable cultural experience of living with a Swedish family and are treated more as a member of the family than as an employee.

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Things I love about Sweden

I’ve been living in Sweden as an au pair for 4 months now. My emotions have gone from elation to melancholy and everything in between. The most fascinating feelings I’ve had have been feelings of ambivalence regarding certain issues. For example, I love the fact that the quality of life is very good here, with the majority of people living way above the poverty line.

The sense of independence is truly admirable. However, sometimes I miss the warmth and compassion of the people back home, especially in communities where the people don’t have much materially. First of all, in those communities, the neighbours know each other. Secondly, they will willingly share what little they have with each other, assist each in difficult times and warmly invite each other for a cup of tea just to catch up…

So why become an Au Pair in Sweden?

For many, the job as an Au Pair is a smooth transition to working life and a way to gain a higher standard of living than would otherwise be possible in the first years of employment. In addition to your own room, you can have your own TV, the use of a car, and the chance to comply with the family on holiday.

You will not have to worry about paying for transportation to work, finding accommodation and all other headaches normally associated with starting a new job in a new city. In addition to learning a new language and experiencing a foreign culture, you get the chance to see the world!
Scandinavia is full of stunning scenery, gorgeous fjords, long summer days, enchanting folk tales & mythical wild life. Explore it the easy way on this journey through the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen. Get a taste for real Scandinavia in some lesser known spots off the beat… Jump on a plane or a train & explore! Shop at trendy boutiques, visit art galleries, and cool vintage stores or soak up the natural scenery…

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Au Pair Requirements

  • You must be 18-29 years old.
  • Have Grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Driver’s license is not required, but would be a good addition to your profile.
  • Have childcare experience.
  • Understand and speak English well.
  • Have a love for kids & be caring.
  • Agree to commit for one full year.
  • Be in good health. Only non-smokers are accepted.
  • South African / Namibian citizenship.
  • Unmarried & no kids of your own.
  • No criminal record.

We are looking for open-minded, flexible, mature Au Pairs who have a positive attitude and like caring for children. Other experiences like First Aid training, music, dance, sports, arts & crafts, local Au Pairing or experience working at a pre-school are examples of skills that would contribute to your childcare abilities and will strengthen your application.

Highlights of the Sweden Au Pair program

Carla’s Au Pairs makes a commitment to providing top quality personal service and support the entire time host families and au pairs are participating in the program. Participants receive personal attention and continuous support. You are cared for & helped every step of the way.

Aftercare is very important. Remember, you get what you pay for – quality service and exceptional support while abroad – something that makes Carla’s Au Pairs truly stand out above other agencies! Just ask our Au Pairs and they’ll agree!
That being said, Sweden is a program suited to a more independent type of Au Pair – you need to be pro- active and very adaptable

Educational Allowance:
A maximum of 40 hours of lessons will be paid by the host family for your language course attendance. You get to learn the Swedish language and meet other Au Pairs and young people while doing so!

How the application process will work

  • After you’ve filled in all the forms and have all your documents ready, you need to send it to your representing office. The sign-up fee for registration is then due. We will then process your documents and send it to our Swedish partner.
  • Once your file is in Sweden, you will be contacted by families who wish to match with you. The Profile fee is due once Sweden receives your profile. You will have telephonic or Skype interviews and can decide which family you’d like to go to. Note that it could take up to a few months to match with a family.
  • Once you’ve matched with your host family the placement fee is due. We will then help you with your work permit (which can take up to 2-3 months – please have patience with this).
  • You can then arrange your flight and you’re off to your Au Pair adventure in Sweden!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, please enquire about the program costs involved.

Au Pair responsibilities

  • Take the kids to school, play dates and pick them up afterwards.
  • Prepare meals for the kids.
  • Help kids with homework.
  • Help prepare the kids for the day’s activities.
  • Assist with general child-related chores, such as doing laundry for the family, tidying the children’s bedrooms and vacuuming parts of the house.
  • Work for a maximum of 25-35 hours a week.

What is included in the Au Pair program?

  • FREE return flight when completing your 12 months in Sweden.
  • Work permit assistance.
  • Furnished bedroom in host family’s home.
  • Support from agency right through your year.
  • A minimum wage of 3500 SEK per month.
  • Study allowance to do a Swedish language course.
  • Accommodation and meals with the family for the entire year’s stay
  • A very special Carla’s Au Pairs Pre-departure pack which includes useful & cool goodies such as a Pre-departure Manual (written by our experienced staff with the help of ex-Au Pairs), travel bag, travel document pouch, travel mirror, travel pillow, travel make-up bag, luggage tag & more!

Are you ready to take up
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