Why Au Pairing May Be The Best Decision Of Your Life!


Lucia Look is the winner of our 10th Birthday Campaign.


She won a trip to her dream destination (all expenses paid) and decided to go to picturesque Switzerland.



In the article below, Lucia explains what it is to be an Au Pair and why YOU should consider becoming one too!



“My journey started on 1 February 2022, when I embarked on my trip to Belgium for another year of being an Au Pair in Europe.


It started with a bang and a lot of challenges – within the first two months I had Covid, then influenza with the entire host family and then laryngitis.


Luckily, I have the most fantastic host family, a family that really cares for and looks after me.


As soon as we all recovered, my year officially began.


We visited Spain and had a lovely, sunny week there.


I continued my French language course in the city where I met some of the best people.


People from all over the world, and friends I hope I’ll never lose. I have met other Au Pairs, seen many new places and experienced a new culture.


In a few days, I’ll be celebrating my 4 months abroad in Belgium, and I’m happy to say I am settled.



I have friends, a host family that turned into a real family for me and a lot of new experiences of Belgium, Europe and all the cultures surrounding me.


I would recommend a year (or even more) abroad for anyone.


Not just do you experience a new country and can travel a lot, but it is truly an amazing learning experience.


Being away from home is not easy, but I promise you, it gets better, and if you have the right mindset and friends, your year will be memorable!



Lucia has been an incredible Au Pair and we are so blessed to have you part of our Sisterhood!



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  1. Letwin Mapfumo

    This is something I will like to do for a change. I’m actually leaving Spanish hope to travel someday


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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

July 15, 2022

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