Looking For Tips For Your Au Pair Application Video?


Bedazzle Your Future Host Family By Following These Five Steps!


Creating a video for your Au Pair application can feel like a daunting task.


It doesn’t have to be if you follow our five tips to create an awesome video.



Free video editing apps are a must


There are loads of free video editing applications available to help you create the perfect

content for your future host family.


We recommend you use Filmora or Vivavideo which are both available for download from the Play Store.


These apps help you cut and edit your video to help it flow naturally and look professional.


Change it up


If you want to stand out from the crowd it’s important to try and mix it up by including different settings.


Take a video of you driving, walking, cycling, and spending time with the children you look after. 


Use the video editing software to make it as seamless as possible.



Don’t wing it


Preparation for any kind of speech is key to keeping your audience engaged in what you are telling them.


If you create a two-minute video of you talking without any kind of script it is more noticeable than you may think.


Prepare by writing out all of the information you want to share.


Then create cue cards and ask a friend to help you out by holding them up for you behind the camera.


Practice makes perfect! Creating a storyboard is a great idea for creating scenes for your video.


Each storyboard should have a topic you want to discuss as well as the setting or background you want for each topic.


Your video is your own advertisement.



“You are selling yourself and the skills you have to offer!”


Lights! Camera! Action!


When you’re ready to start filming think about the lighting, background noise and angle of your camera.


Always film yourself in landscape orientation.


If you film in portrait you will have black space on the sides of your video which is not very appealing.


Your background is incredibly important.


It can’t be bland, but it also can’t be too busy that it will distract the viewer.


You can shoot your video outside in your garden or a quiet park.


If you do decide to shoot outside think of the time of day.


The midday sun can be harsh which can lead to overexposure and make you squint your eyes.


Early mornings and late afternoons are good times for the exposure of your video.



Keep it short and simple


You have a maximum of two minutes for your video. You need to make every second work for you.


This is where this tip comes into play.


If you don’t prepare you are going to be filling in time by repeating yourself. “I love kids. Kids are the best. Did I mention that I love kids?”


It’s a given that you have a passion for children if you are applying for an Au Pair position.


Host families want to know that you have the skillsets to look after and love their children.


Saying something like, “I love working with children. I have been caring for my neighbour’s children for three years.”


If the country you are applying to Au Pair in prefers you know how to ride a bicycle then ride one.


Show the families that you can do the things they expect of you.


Use a short scene of you with the children you work with.


You can include it with a voice-over so it does not take away valuable time from your video.


Always get permission from the parent if you are going to be filming minors.


Remember this is going to be published on YouTube.


It’s important the host family gets to know you, but it’s all about how you can help them and care for their children.




You’re not going to get it right in one take!

Make the time to create an informative video to make a lasting impression.

This is your big introduction to your future host family.




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Written by Carla’s Au Pairs

November 25, 2021

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